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March 14, 2020, 12:00 Noon

Pre Parade

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Announcer - Mike Philbrick

Today we celebrate the 40th Morris County Saint Patrick's Day Parade. After our independence from England the first Saint Patrick's Day celebration was at Jockey Hollow, just a few miles from here.

We are also here to introduce the 2019 Grand Marshal, Father Paddy O'Donovan.

9:30 am Begin setting up Reviewing Stand
9:45 am Music -setting up by Paddy and the Pale Boys
10:10 am Music- Tradition and Modern Irish Music
10:20 am American Legion Post #390 Denville, NJ Present Colors and a 21 Gun Salute
National Anthem -Sung by RUTH GERNER
Welcome Address by - Mayor Tim Dougherty and 1st Lady Mary Dougherty
Drew Univ. Bill Rogers PhD - Will speak on the 100th Aniv of the 1919 War of Independence in Soloheadence, County Tipperary - Ireland
10:40 am Irish Step Dancers Emily Endean
Emily has joined Irish Step Dancers from Wick Hegarty, An Clar, Lenahan and Heritage Irish Dance Schools to entertain today.
10:50 am Morristown High School -will promote their upcoming play 'THE ADAMS FAMILY' While performing flyers will be distributed
11:10 am Music- Paddy and the Pale Boys -while School Band sets up Concert by Jefferson/Sussex Av School Band -Director, Brad Marullo
11:30 am Paddy and the Pale Boys
Irish Step Dancers -Emily Endean- Wick Hegarty- An Clar -Lenahan- Heritage Irish Dance Schools
11:40 am Music Paddy and the Pale Boys
SHAMROCK CHALKLING - by Employment Horizons and children in audience
12:05 pm Parade Announcers -Artie Flinn -Tim Brunnock -Mike Philbrick